Micromarketing can be defined as.....Also uses the jelly belly company as example.

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Micromarketing can be defined as tailoring products and programs or services to the needs and wants of individuals and groups, including local marketing and individual marketing. The term local marketing refers to tailoring brands and promotions to the needs and want of local groups, such as cities and neighborhoods. Individual marketing is tailoring the product or service to one individual, also known as "one-to-one marketing".

Some examples of this include Insurance policies and complexion make-up. Insurance policies must be changed according the customer. A policy for a male differs from a female, smoker and nonsmoker, age and many other factors in day-to-day living. Make-up must also fit the customer. Light skinned individuals prefer a foundation light in color to match their skin tone. Cover Girl and many other cosmetic companies also provide foundation for skin types, such as oil control.

For the Jelly Belly Company I propose the following:

Better Discounts.

At the previous time the only discounts Jelly Belly offers is for purchases with a minimum of $500. Spending $500 at JellyBelly.com is not that hard, however after spending the $500, the only discount is 10%. Below is a chart taken from http://jellybelly.com. For average consumers, the discounts are extremely outrageous. I believe they should start lower to allow everyday consumers to take advantage of these discounts.

Merchandise Total: Discount:

$ 500 - 1,499.99 10 %

$ 1,500 - 2,999.99 12 %

$ 3,000 - 5,999.99 15 %

$ 6,000 - 14,999.99 20 %

Over 15,000 25 %

Kid's Club. Jelly Belly has no "Birthday Club" or any other kind of club for kids. By establishing a kid's club, the company could send out coupons for a free sample at the time of the birthday. This would bring the parents in therefore bring in more customers.

Samples. Jelly Belly...