Microscopic Structure of the mammalian gaseous exchange system

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We are to set up an experiment to investigate the bone structure of a pig's trotter by dissection.

HypothesisIn this experiment we are to investigate two aspects of the bone structure in mammals which we have chosen a pig's trotter. I expect that it would be difficult dissecting the pig's trotter as to investigate deep in the bone the skin must be first cut off without damaging the tendons and the cartilage beneath. Also, I would expect the trotter might be damaged when it is sliced away from the pig.

ApparatusPig's trotterscapelscissorstweezerstrayConclusion and Discussionthe articulating surface of the joints are the articulate cartilage which serves to enable smooth articulation of joint surfaces, and to withstand compressive, tensile and shearing forces. This piece of cartilage is frequently injured from sports or other activities and repair is often necessary. The cartilage found in the pig's trotter is a dense connective tissue which is composed of collagen fibers and is necessary because it can supply smooth surfaces for movement of articulating bones. When we pulled the cartilage we could see that the pig's trotter reacted to that by movement.

If two bones are allowed to rub against each other, the part where they meet, the joints would be swollen and eventually lead to Arthritis. However, a joint is wrapped in a network called the synovium. The synovium secretes a fluid (synovial fluid) which helps ease the friction of bones rubbing against each other.

Joint swelling occurs when the fluid in the surrounding the soft tissue builds up and eventually would lead to joint pains. Tendons are tough as they are less susceptible to damage. They are composed of special cells called tenocytes, water and fibrous collagen proteins. These proteins are tied together to form a strong strand of flexible tissue called a tendon. These tendons eventually grow into a bone and form a connection. This connection creates a permanent bond which is extremely hard to break apart.