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Douglas Coupland a mastermind of the arts to most people of today's society. He started out as an artist working on sculptures in Vancouver, then making his way to Toronto to write in the papers, and then his present job writing novels, he even does Smirnoff ads for the media. Coupland has written nine different novels, Generation X (1991), Shampoo Planet (1992), Life After God (1994), Microserfs (1995), Polaroids From the Dead (1996), Girlfriend in a Coma (1998), Lara's Book: Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Phenomenon (1998), Miss Wyoming (1999) and City of Glass (2000). The details and reflections of Microserfs can be connected to just about anyone's feelings in the world of today.

Written in the form of a diary, Microserfs is the story of Dan Underwood and his six housemates. And all of them are unhappier than the next, working away as software programmers for Bill Gates.

It's not that they think that the money is bad, it's just that there has to be something better then managing the Microsoft empire. One day Dan's friend Michael comes up with the idea of a new software company whose main product will be Oop!, a kind of virtual Lego. The group of friends decides to leave Microsoft's Seattle campus for the hills of California's Silicon Valley. Their hard work and imagination in creating this Lego product changes every aspect of their lives. Dan's romance with a brainy programmer expands and his father, who was recently been laid off by IBM gets back into the computer business. This change for the good gives Dan and his friends a chance of "getting a life." In this novel Coupland is trying to express to us that computers serve a dual function, to distance humans from each other and bring them together. Douglas...