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Abstract: The following research is designed to provide the reader with an understanding as to how Microsoft and Sony have developed as a company throughout the years. The research will show the combined efforts of two large companies and there mark into the gaming industry. Microsoft and Sony environment, company, and leadership styles are what have kept the company on the leading edge of technology. However, where do the companies begin to mark their niche into the market will be interesting to see with the difference in the two companies and their corporate ideas. The research will also focus more on the market issues, design issues, and economic impacts of the corporate wars going on. Thus, the research will provide the user with a better understanding of Microsoft and Sony position for market control of the gaming industry.


Microsoft is arguably the most influential IT company ever, controlling standards in both the corporate and domestic computer marketplace.

With their share of the desktop PC software market and a substantial proportion of the server business, Microsoft is now dictating many of the standards on which today's information systems are built, and has achieved an unprecedented level of recognition among business management. Microsoft is following a long-term strategy to dominate four interconnected core markets (the enterprise, the Internet, electronic commerce, and information appliances), and looks set to exert a major influence on every aspect of IT over the next few years. How large enterprises react to these developments will affect their business strategy into the next millennium.

Despite the rapid acceptance of Microsoft technology within the enterprise, there are real concerns about the direction the company will take in the future. The company clearly faces stiff competition on several fronts within the business-critical environment. In addition, legal issues and software delays,