Microsoft Internet Explorer A simple way to the World Wide Web!

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CIS 120

Microsoft Internet Explorer

A simple way to the World Wide Web!

It is now the early 1990's and the world is starving for a way to communicate with individuals around the globe. The businessman in China wants to talk to the corporate marketer in Atlanta, while the military husband overseas in Italy wants to keep in contact with his wife and kids in a little town in Raleigh. So, someone with extensive knowledge of computers saw the need for the expansion of the internet and developed the World Wide Web. Fast forward from what started out in the 1960's as a continued link to providing computer support in case of a nuclear attack to what has now become a major source of communication and information access today. This account will provide basic structured information on how to use one of the most used web browsers, Internet Explorer.

Let's begin with the Main Browser Window. When Internet Explorer is first opened up on your computer, the main screen of the program will appear. This main window has many parts to it. The "Title Bar" at the very top of the window tells you what the title of the page you are viewing is. The "Title Bar" will also tell you what Internet Explorer application is currently active. Directly under the "Title Bar" is the "Main Menu Bar". This bar has many different sub-menus, which control all options, functions, and commands for the entire Internet Explorer program. Some of the browsing controls can also be found in these sub-menus. Beneath this menu is the Internet Explorer toolbar. This toolbar contains all of the most frequently used commands and all of the browsing functions. Under the toolbar is the "address bar". This will tell you the exact HTTP/URL...