Microsoft's Diversity Action Plan

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During the past decade or so, employers have realized that having a lack of diversity within their workplace greatly affects the overall performance of the organization as well as the employees they employ. Diversity is the characteristic that has significant value on how one individual views are compared to another in terms of the cultural differences noted by each individual. Some of the components include gender, ethnicity, age, and religion. Due to the increased concerns, employers have implemented diversity awareness programs in an attempt to improve the working conditions from within the organization.

The job market today employs a significantly higher number of talented and competitive individuals in order to maintain their standing in a global marketplace. Because of these increased demands, employers should establish and maintain a diversity plan that focuses on acknowledging and valuing diversity. Prominent employers have learned that being diverse allows them to use their employee's expertise to gain and maintain a competitive edge over the changing global market.

One such corporation who continuously strives to maintain a diverse environment is Microsoft Corporation. In this essay, the members of Team D will review the diversity within Microsoft Corporation. Areas, of concentration being addressed are the "cultural norms of new groups that the organization will meet. Opportunities and challenges faced by the corporation and methods used by the corporation in order to prepare the corporation to maximize the benefits of diversity and minimize the associated challenges" (University of Phoenix, 2008).

William (Bill) H. Gates and his long-term friend Paul Allen founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975. Gates had a vision that in the years to come computers will be a valuable asset to individuals and businesses. With this vision, Gates began his lifelong commitment of developing software capable of bringing his visions to life. Today Gates is the...