Middle Ages

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Europe in the Middle Ages

Europe in the Middle Ages was a different. A lot of things had changed because of the fall of Rome, things such as social, economical and political life for the people. In these times the church had a lot of power over the people. Newer laws came in place.

In Europe the King no longer had all the power. By this time the church had the power over the middle ages since most people were Christian. Every person was required to live by the Church's laws and to pay taxes to support the church. They did not only collect taxes, they also accept gifts of all kinds. Since the Church became very powerful it often used its power to influence kings to do as it wanted. Nobles were granted the use of land that legally belonged to the king. In return the nobles agreed to give their loyalty and military services to the king.

The nobles were protected by the king.

The manor was the economic side of feudalism. They had the self sufficient system. They had serfs, artisans and knights. The trade increased thanks to the Jews and Muslims. Europe was connected to the silk roads, that's what caused there trade to increase. Jews became wealthy and due to their wealth they were often persecuted.

Europe's social life was based on a social code called Chivalry which was created by the value of protection and warriors. Most of the laws on the code of Chivalry had to deal with the church. People felt like the church unified them. The church played multiple roles in the Middle Ages. The surfs were obligated to work the lord's land and they had no freedom. They were only granted one day of the week to farm to feed...