The middle ages, an outline of their time period and key events that affected theri writting style there and no, made by myself, SupOx

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a very summarized study guide for the middle ages, MLA format

her is an example:

I. Introduction:

A. Historians through the centuries have defined previous eras of time by identifying with a significant event in human society.

B. Beginning in the 1440s, the English renaissance marked changes in people's values, beliefs and behavior.

II. Rediscovering Ancient Greece and Rome

A. The term renaissance means in French "rebirth", which causes a rediscoverment in classical learning.

B. In the renaissance books were discovered by the common people because were finally translated to English from Latin and Greek.

C. The renaissance marked a curiosity for the renewal of the spirit.

D. Fifteen-century scholars rediscovered the writings of ancient Greece and Rome. At this same time, people became more curious about themselves and their world.