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In many history resources medieval European history goes by the name of the Middle Ages. This was a period when technological advances were very slow to happen


The Norman Conquest

In 1066 King Edward, also known as the Confessor died. This was a problem because the king had no heirs. This ignited a three way ?battle? for the throne. This brought on the battle of Hastings which destroyed the Anglo Saxon rule in England.

The leading party was Harold Godwinson. He was the second most powerful man at the time because he was so close to the king. The king and Harold were brothers in law as the king had previously married Harold?s sister. This gave him a strong position.

Another claimant to the throne was Duke William of Normandy. The duke claimed that he had a blood relationship to the king. As well as the fact that the king had previously appointed him as his successor.

The duke claimed that as well as delivering the message that the king had appointed him as his successor, he swore on holy relics that he would support the duke?s right to the throne. In the Duke?s view, if Harold donned the crown he was breaking his sacred oath. This secured the support of the Pope who immediately excommunicated him.

The third and final claimant to the throne was Harald Hardrada who was the king of Norway his claim for the crown was based on the fact that he ruled Norway with his nephew Magnus until 1047 when Magnus died. Earlier on Magnus had formed a pact between him and the Danish king of England. The agreement was that since neither of them had a male heir, they promised their kingdoms to each other in the event that...