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Julia Magalhaes November 5, 2013

Global 9 Period 10


My Journal: Gupta Empire

June 3, 450 C.E.:

Today I learned a lot about astronomy, I meet with a very smart man called Aryabhata, he know a lot about astronomy. He told me about how he calculated that the length of one year is 365.258 days, and he also told me a lot about planet and how they are spherical. He show me his studies and I saw how he was trying to estimate the earth's size and proposed that the turns on its own axis.

The thing that impressed me the most it was how the discovered how lunar eclipses are caused. He told me that is caused by the earth moving between the sun and the moon and casing its shadow on the moon. I thought that was awesome.

June 6, 450 C.E.:

Today was another very interesting day; I learn very interesting things in the Gupta Empire today, I am having such a learning experience in this trip and I can't for the next days to come. I went to the northwest corner of the Gupta Empire, in Bakshali, near the shores of the Indus River. I was surrounded by three mountain ranges; it is so pretty over here. The land here in the foothills is rocky, everything around me is very dry and hot.