The Middle East: Land of Conflict

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The Middle East:

Land of Conflict

The Middle East has long been an area fraught with conflict. The source

for the conflict has been debated over the years, but the cause is still under

scrutinization. Many scholars have looked at the area with a critical eye,

trying to discern where the root of the fighting began.

In October of 1991, the leaders of the Middle East met in Madrid, Spain

To discuss the topic of peace. It was an historic event, as it was the only

time all the countries delegates were present in the same room at the same

time. There was little talk of peace, but plenty of blame to go around for the

lack of it. They all blamed each other and nothing was settled.

The Arab-Israeli dispute is responsible for wars in 1948, 1956, 1967,

1973, and 1982. The issues of each of those wars remain unresolved and the

Countries still have great mistrust for each other.

The failure to make peace

Proves that the roots of conflict run very deeply.

In 1980, the Iran-Iraq war began and continued for eight long years.

There were nearly a million casualties and it was labeled the bloodiest war

of the 20th century.

Lebanon has had a division of its numerous ethnic groups culminating in

a fifteen year long civil war. The Kurds have fought with the lands of Iraq

and Turkey for decades trying to gain their own homeland.

The conflicts in the Middle East are many, and have long been a concern for the nations outside of it. They are a major and vital supplier of the

worlds oil supply and are therefore very important to the economy. As the

conflicts continue, so do the outside opinions as to the cause of them.

Sami Hadawi, a Palestinian...