Midlife Crisis

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It is generally accepted that the major psychological changes only take place during childhood. Freud saw people above the age of fifty lacking the elasticity of the mental process on which treatment depends. Interestingly enough, when Freud wrote that in 1907, he was already 51 years old.

Carl Jung, however, saw midlife as an important period of maturation and growth instead of a period of crisis. Interestingly enough, it was Elliot Jaques, who coined the term "midlife crisis" in his 1965 paper "Death and the middle life crisis" (Junkers, 2006). It is a commonly held view that the mid-life crisis is caused by the realization that one's life is half over.

During midlife stage, health is very important. It is at this stage that both men and women start experiencing problems with eyesight, arthritis, and hearing. Due to the effects of aging, body shape will change and aging will be evident.

It is at this stage that those who cannot cope with what happens to their body will be seen dying the graying hair or start exercising to regain their youthful body. Others will go to the extreme of getting plastic surgery to conceal their true age.

During this time, some families may break-up or strengthen their relationship during this stage of life, more so, when they ignore the change that takes place. To most people, this stage forms the defining moment between the ideal and the reality. People are able to recognize how much they have achieved as well as what they anticipate to achieve.

It is however important to note that midlife development is the life's defining moment which calls for understanding of changes associated with it and how well one can cope with the challenges. It is important to appreciate all stages in life and be ready...