"Midlife Crisis for Men vs. for Women."

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Sources:Clark, Kim; Shute, Nancy; Kelly, Katy. 'The New Midlife'. U.S. News & World Report. V.128. P.70. 20 March 2000. 16 July 2005. http://www.galegroup.comGibbs, Nancy. 'Midlife Crisis? Bring It On! How women of this generation are seizing that stressful, pivotal moment in their lives to reinvent themselves.' Time. V.165. P. 52. 16 May 2005. 16 July 2005.

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Qaadri, Shafiq. 'When men go through The Change: thinning bones, a lowered sex drive, troublesleeping: doctors are finally paying attention to andropause.' Thomson Gale 2005. 16 July 2005. http://www.galegroup.comUnderwood, Nora. "Mid-life panic: thousands of Canadians are caught between children and elderly parents". Maclean's. V.104. P.30. 19 August 1991 16 July 2005. http://galegroup.com"Midlife Crisis for Men vs. for Women."Middle adulthood is the time lasting between the ages of 34 and 60. During this time, one may experience a psychosocial crisis of generativity versus stagnation.

This is the pressure that is placed on an adult to be committed to improving life conditions of future generations. Chapter 13 of our text states ' According to Erikson's observations, generativity is formed as a result of experiences of maintaining the world, nurturing and being concerned, and caring. Through generativity, adults may change the world by introducing new things, ideas, beings, or bonds of relationship.' Stagnation is described as a lack of psychological movement or growth. Individuals who are not able to cope with managing a household, raising children, or managing their career may feel psychological stagnation near the end of their middle adulthood. (Newman)Forty-somethings hold the largest age group with 42.5 million members, or 15.4 percent of the population in the United States. (Clark) There is an estimated 200,000 people in Canada who are in their middle aged years and carry an additional burden...