Midsummer night dream

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Decisions that You Make There are many occurrences in one's life where a difficult choice or decision falls into our hands. We need to deal with the situation and view it from all possible perspectives. Choices and dilemmas are just a part of everyday life. Hermia from the novel, Midsummer's Night Dream, was faced with such a dilemma and wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation.

There has been a time in my life where I was faced with a decision. I was put in the position to choose, just like Hermia was. I was put in a bad predicament, I was offered marijuana. I had two choices, to smoke the marijuana and face the oncoming consequences or to not and look dumb in front of my friends. Hermia was faced with the same sort of decision. She had to decide between a lover, and her parents. She on the other hand was given 3 choices, marry Demitrius, become a nun, or die.

I know what I would have chose if I were to be her.

The choices she was forced upon were choices that could not be toggled with. She could not have her way and marry the one she loves most, that being Lysander. A choice that included Lysander was the choice to forget that he even existed. It is funny how it all ends up to work out though, because her parents saw how well the were together, and approved their love for each other.

I had a decision making point in my life also, that also resulted as Hermia's did. I had the choices that I need to make at one point, and I didn't really have much time to think about it either. If I smoked the drug, I would've been doing...