"Midsummer Night's Dream", a journal on the Play by William Shakespear.

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It starts off with Theseus, Duke of Athens, and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Fiancée to Theseus discussing their wedding plans. They want the celebrations to the wedding in Athens to be in a good mood. Egeus, father of Hermia, and youth Lysander and Demetrius all come in to the story at this point. Egeus would like to see Hermia be punished because Egeus promised Hermia to marry Demetrius -She disobeyed her father, and Hermia and Lysander have fallen in love. Theseus tells Hermia to expect to be sent away or killed. Lysander than says that Demetrius is fickle in love and that he was once in love with Hernia's friend Helena, but left her for Hermia. They decide to discuss it and Lysander and Hermia are left alone. They make plans to go to Lysander's aunt's house seven leagues from Athens to get married to be exempt from Athenian Law.

They tell Helena of their plans. She still wants Demetrius, so she plans to tell him of the plans. Demetrius will probably follow giving Helena a chance to win back his love.


My first impression of the two is that they are happy, moral leaders who want their celebration to be grand and joyous. My view of Athenian rules is changed a little because I didn't know the ones presented in the beginning of the novel. You have to obey your father and marry who he tells you to no matter what. It almost reminds me of old India. I start to dislike Demetrius because of his pickiness. I feel strongly for Helena; she almost gets left behind. Hermia and Lysander, I can kind of see their point. They have feelings which they cannot act on which is unfortunate. It was risky to...