A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

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Act 2 Scene 1Describe Oberon and Titania's relationship in this scene and what it tells us about their respective characters. In this scene, Oberon and Titania's relationship is sour and bitter. The reason cited is that Oberon wants the Indian changeling boy to be his henchman whereas Titania refuses to give him up as he is the child of her close friend. We can see that their relationship is bitter. This can be seen from how Oberon and Titania start their meeting with insults and not greetings or civilities. Oberon starts the verbal argument, calling her "proud Titania". In retaliation Titania calls him "jealous Oberon" and thereby declares that she has "forsworn, his bed and company". Oberon then calls her a "rash wanton'. The fact that they had insulted each other on first sight and not with the affection or intimacy of a married couple shows that they are at loggerheads with one another.

Their love is most definitely not running smoothly at the moment.

Their relationship is also plagued with jealousy. Even when Titania calls him "jealous Oberon", we can see that he does not deny it even in his defensive mood. Titania first accuses Oberon of 'Playing on pipes of corn and versing love; To amorous Phillida" and Oberon rebuffs her accusation by reminding her of her aiding of Theseus, 'lead him through the glimmering night". He says that he 'know thy love to Theseus". These accusations of adultery and hypocrisy show that they are jealous of the people in the other's life and past. Titania even goes as far as to call Hippolyta 'the bouncing Amazon". We notice that their conversation focuses on the infidelities committed by each.

Oberon and Titania's relationship has already been sour. Although Oberon says that it is...