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A Review of the Status of the Feminine in Shakespearean Comedy Linda Bamber, author of, The Status of the Feminine in Shakespearean Comedy, speaks about the views that she feels William Shakespeare had developed and expressed in his A Midsummer Night's Dream. Her ideas suggest that Shakespeare wrote with the view that male dominance was in fact superior to that of the equality between men and women. Bamber even goes as far as to say that it is the "Status Quo", or way of life as far as Shakespeare's writing is concerned.

Bamber goes on to say that Shakespeare has left the question as to whether or not the comedies are sexist, if women disrupt the social order of time, and whether or not the comedies insist that men must dominate. Bamber says that early in his works, Shakespeare does hint to the fact that male dominance is needed in order to continually have the social order that is much desired.

Later in her essay, Bamber admits that Shakespeare takes a shrew, who must be tamed, and turn her into the comic heroine of the play. This last idea is one that I tend to agree with her on.

I have my own views as to what William Shakespeare was attempting to say about women through his playwriting. I do feel that he was admitting a separation between men and women, but I do not feel it was meant to be perceived in a negative way. A separation between men and women is only natural in my opinion. There are many differences in simply the physical abilities that support all that I say. Men are made to more easily gain larger muscles. Women are made to bear children. Do either of these differences place one with superior rankings above...