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The most noticeable change in the movie is the addition and subtraction of various characters. In most cases, the characters are added to provide an explanation, or introduce characters or various issues. For example, there is a scene at the beginning of the movie, in which there is a room full of fairies. This scene is important because it introduces the idea that there is an entire society of fairies that coexist with humans. As well as the characters that were added, there were also characters that were taken out of the movie although they were originally in the play. Some of the characters that held no particular importance were removed from the movie to shorten the length of it. Another difference in the movie is the order that the events occurred in, the order of events in the movie differs from the order of events in the play.

In many cases, some lines were also taken out.. The difference in the order of events is not as noticeable when you watch the movie, because all of the scenes and main events still occur, however they are not in the same order as the play.

When the play was made into a movie, the clothes that the characters in the movie were wearing did not connect with the clothes that the people of that time would wear. One of the most noticeable clues that things in the movie are not historically accurate, are the lights on the front of the characters bicycles. Lights like that would not have been available in those times, and they were not mentioned in the play. The bicycles that the actors were riding were also not mentioned in the play. It was said that Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius were walking through the forest, not riding bicycles.

Even though there are differences that there are from the play to the movie, the similarities are more bigger than the differences. There always has to be a few changes made to a play when it is changed into a movie. Some of changes that occurred in the movie are necessary, to either make the movie shorter, to help the viewers understand what is happening, and to introduce various characters. Some of the changes are not necessary, but many people would not notice the difference from the play, if they had not followed along with the play.