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Death & Dying

As a child I was told that death was just a natural cause. That everyone dies eventually and even though it is a terrible thing it is just the cycle of life. Fortunately I have never experienced someone very close to me pass away so my parents never really had to explain it because by the time a I had to go through a family friend passing away I was old enough to understand death. I have attended one funereal and it was my best friend at the time great grandma so it didn't impact my life heavily but it was still a very sad moment to see someone dead right in front of your eyes. It was a very emotional experience even though I wasn't close to the person that had passed.

My family has never really gone through a serious death so we don't have a rituals, I would say thought that we just get together and celebrate the wonderful life that the person was able to live.

Explaining death to a child can be very difficult. You must make them understand what death is before you tell them that someone has passed away. I would first show them a cartoon movie and explain that it happens to everyone and it is a way of life. I was told that when you die you just die from your previous life but you get to be an animal in the next life so what animal what I want to be. I like to think of it as they may be gone but they will always be your guardian angle and watch over you like they never left in the first place.

A) I would like a service where all my loved ones gather and celebrate the...