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Born: 25 May 1963

Where: Toronto, Canada

Awards: No Major Awards

Height: 5' 7"

Last Seen in: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Filmography: The Complete List

Outrageous, isn't it, that despite occasional efforts by the likes of the Comic Strip team, it was a foreigner who made a box-office smash of the advanced and relentless crudity of the British sense of humour? As Austin Powers, Saturday Night Live comedian Mike Myers, with his legendary catch-phrases "Oh, beeeHAVE!" and "YEAH, baby!", his crushed velvet suits, hot-babe girlfriends and naughty, naughty knob-gags, has become one of the most recognisable entertainers on the planet. How can this be, wonder the Brits, when Americans have no sense of irony or high-minded silliness?

One could argue that Myers' success proves once and for all that Americans do have a mighty appreciation of irony. Indeed, considering the likes of Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks and Steven Wright, one might add that they often top the Brits in that quarter.

Inspired silliness can be their forte, too. Just think of Emo Phillips or the godlike Pee-Wee Herman. But eventually, in the case of Myers, it's a non-argument. Because he's British. Well, kind of...

Mike Myers was born on the 25th of May, 1963, in the Scarborough district of Toronto, known to the snobbier townsfolk as Scarberia - a cultural wasteland. His father, Eric, was formerly a cook in the British Army, while his mother, Alice, known as Bunny and formerly in the RAF, was an aspiring actress who'd attended London's Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Both hailing from Liverpool, they married in 1955 and emigrated to Canada the next year, producing three sons - Paul (later in Toronto band The Gravelberrys), Peter and finally Mike, all of them holding British passports. Learning the English language from Eric...