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Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce is a gloomy yet captivating murder mystery. The story line leads up to the crime scene presented in the opening scenes. The drama explores the unsound relationship between a helpless mother and an unappreciative daughter. Both of their obnoxious personalities add to the insanity of this melodrama. Multiple flashbacks and weary shadows are responsible for keeping its viewers intrigued throughout the movie.

The society back after World War II was based on ethics and the economy. This movie reenacts the lives many women led during this time as a result of the war. Woman would take on the independent roles of their husbands, while they were away defending their country. Many would have to find ways to earn a living on their own. The film makers do an exceptional job of portraying the emotional, social, and economic demolition. Joan Crawford plays the amazing leading role of a mother whom is the head of the household after the divorce from her husband.

After becoming a restaurant owner, she decides she wants to relay her success to her daughter, Veda. She doesn't want her daughter to be kept from having the opportunities she lacked as a girl. She is willing to do anything for the daughter that she believes has shown her so much light. She will protect her daughter even if it means hurting herself and others.

Mildred becomes involved with playboy Monte Beragon, whom she later decides to marry to fulfill her daughter's happiness. Mildred is not aware of the fact of the sexual relationship her daughter and Monte share. Secretly, Monte explains to Veda that he can't be involved with her anymore because she is too young. He tells her, "Never take the mistress if you can have the maid." Veda, being extremely upset...