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Millikan High School's QUEST program meets my future educational and career goals because of its focus on academic achievement and rigorous college preperation. I also appreciate that QUEST requires participation in extra-curricular activities. One of my future career ambitions is to become a Psychologist. Another field that I might like to work in is international trade or diplomacy. By working vigorously in the QUEST program and taking full advantage of its rich blend of disciplines, advanced placement courses, and other college preparational activities, doors in all fields of university study should open for me.

International trade and diplomacy appeal to me because they make the world survive. From petroleum in Saudi Arabia, fruits in Chile, plastic products in China, to television sets in Japan- every country has products and goods to export. At the same time, history has taught me that diplomacy and global communications are also crucial to our survival and are necessary for successful communities.

The field of Psychology also fascinates me because it involves the study of science and of the entire human history and experience.

I am interested in a variety of subjects such as European and Asian History, Science, Creative Writing, and International Studies. I like to travel and have been to several places, including Paris and other parts of France, which has helped me becoming familiar with foreign cultures. I do fairly well in school, although, like most others of my age, I am trying to improve my time management skills. However, I do work hard at subjects that interest me, such as history and writing. My SAT 9 scores are in the above average range, and my GPA is almost always near 3.5.

My past experiences at Cubberley School have thoroughly prepared me for high school. My 4th grade history teacher, Mr. Heath, first opened my mind to History, and it has been my favorite subject ever since. Currently I also enjoy and excel in Mrs. Paulin's (my 8th grade history teacher) course, in which we are studying modern countries. Because of these and other courses, such as English and Science, I believe that I am fully ready for a selective high school program like QUEST.

Personally, I am fairly easy-going and enjoy interacting with people. I have been involved in several extra-curricular activities, including MYART, a youth musical theater company, with which I performed several professional shows. I also have been playing the guitar for about a year and I am rapidly improving. Additional hobbies include writing stories and game plots, working on my computer, website design, and playing video games.

If I were to be accepted into QUEST, I would contribute my unique perspective and talents, as well as hard work, to the program. I would hope that the rich and rigorous academic experience at QUEST would prepare me to enter college upon graduation. I further expect that the QUEST program would give me the foundation to eventually contribute to my fellow humans in my future profession.