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Militarism For my theological evaluation essay I picked Militarism because it has such an influence in our society. Militarism is a major part of our society some of our fathers, brothers, children and loved ones are serving in the military. No matter how hard you try you can't escape the advertisements and commercials on television which shows men that they make you want to be they are made out to be the strongest, bravest, and most respected by these commercials. It is a key part in our government sometimes even deciding which candidate a person wishes to vote for in office because of their views on funding for the military. My thesis is that we put to much of an emphasis on our army trying to maintain being the strongest Military in the world rather than trying to help the American people.

The con to this is that if we don't spend enough money on our military other countries will see us as being weak and attack us.

Without enough F-22's or missiles we stand the chance to be attacked and go to war which will increase the Military's budget higher then what it would have been if we had just kept the same funding as we did before that. But as Catholics we must follow in the footsteps of God and love our enemy's and cutting our military budget slightly would probably not cause a country to see us as weak and attack. If America would show some other countries respect perhaps we would not have so many enemies.

A reason why I believe we spend to much money on the Military is because of the ridiculous amounts of people out of work in our country. Saying that we are putting money into the military for the good...