The Military as a Career

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There are many reasons why a person joins the military. Many people join for the wrong reasons instead of the right ones. More people should carefully consider what they are joining for. Myself and many people I know all joined for the right reason. People need to know the risks of joining before they sign there papers. The military is not something you need to jump right into.

Myself joined the army in March of 1999. The main reason I joined was to serve my country. Many people were telling me not to join, but I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Many family members were proud of me, but I had a few that thought I was doing the wrong thing. With the knowledge I had of the military, and the thinking I did made me decide what to do. My family stood behind me with the choices I made.

They knew it would make me a better person.

Many people join the military for money, which is a totally wrong thing to do. These types of people don't think about the risks they are going to have to take. These are the types of people that are dying overseas, because all they wanted was the money for college. It is your job to protect the country first when you join, nothing else. If you join do have great benefits afterwards.

In conclusion, there are many advantages of joining the military. There are also many disadvantages of joining. People should take great consideration of the reasons that they are joining. They also need to let there family's know why they are joining, so we don't have anymore crazy mothers standing in front of our presidents house being stupid.

You and you family should be aware of all the risks of the military before you even think about signing your life away to the military.