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"Bush doesn't know what the hell he's doing, getting us involved in all these

damn wars, states John Prast. John is a Navy officer who is stationed in San

Diego, California. The military draft is wrong because it forces citizens to enlist

in the Armed Forces during war time. The draft should be eliminated and only people

who want to be enlisted should sign up for it. It is not the citizen's fault when Congress

and the President spread the army thin and need more soldiers. War should be fought by

soldiers who willingly enlist themselves in the army. It should not be fought by people

who are forced into a military draft. This only creates conflict within the soldier core

because this will create two categories of soldiers; those who want to fight and those who

only fight because they were drafted.

The draft is a reoccurring issue that has taken center stage in American policy

since the 1700's.

The draft can be added to the long line of issues that has baffled

American society. John states, "The military existence in other countries is making the

number of volunteer soldiers dwindle and the call for the draft to be even more

foreseeable in the future. When draftees are quickly rushed into war without the proper

training, they are more likely to cause harm to themselves and others." It is very

important to look at history and learn from mistakes to make better decisions in the future.

The U.S. has military presence in many countries in the world. There are soldiers

that are stationed all over the globe. There are millions of soldiers who

are serving active duty as we speak. President George Bush did not have a valid reason

for invading Iraq. He said that there was evidence that...