Military hazing.

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What is Military Hazing:

Hazing is defined as any conduct whereby one military member or employee, regardless of Service or rank, unnecessarily causes another military member or employee, regardless of Service or rank, to suffer or be exposed to an activity which is cruel, abusive, oppressive, or harmful.

Hazing includes, but is not limited to any form of initiation rite of passage or congratulatory act that involves: physically striking another in order to inflict pain; piercing another's skin in any manner; forcing or requiring the consumption of excessive amounts of food, alcohol, drugs, or other substances; or encouraging another to engage in illegal, harmful, demeaning or dangerous acts. Soliciting or coercing another to participate in any such activity is also considered hazing. Hazing need not involve physical contact among or between military members or employees; it can be verbal or psychological in nature.

When authorized by the chain of command and not unnecessarily cruel, abusive, oppressive, or harmful, the following activities do not constitute hazing:

- the physical and mental hardships associated with operations or operational training;

- administrative corrective measures, including verbal reprimands and a reasonable number of repetitions of authorized physical exercises;

- extra military instruction or training;

- physical training or remedial physical training;

- other similar activities.

Whether or not such actions constitute hazing, they may be inappropriate or violate relevant civilian personnel guidance depending on the type of activities and the assigned duties of the employee involved.

Hazing is not limited to superior-subordinate relationships. It may occur between peers or even, under certain circumstances, may involve actions directed towards senior military personnel by those junior in rank or grade to them (for example, a training instructor hazing a student who is superior in rank). Hazing has at times occurred during graduation ceremonies or...