Military Life's Impact

Essay by keoniho February 2004

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Military life has made me the great person I am today. My father was in the Navy for twenty-four years. He underwent many days away from the family at sea. Most children without the stern, watchful eye of a father figure turn into troubled kids. However, my mother kept us active to keep our minds off of his absence and developed us into the high achieving yet humble, scholastic yet colorful, students we are today. Military life, on the whole, has had the greatest impact on me.

Dad left every morning at five, leaving the family until all of his work was complete. We, the family, loved Dad and always wanted to spend more time with him, but Mom taught us to value the fact that he is going to work to keep us safe and comfortable. We lived in base housing and had wonderful, caring neighbors. If Dad had never been in the military I would have never met my best friend, Ronnie, who lived next door.

And, without Ronnie, I would never have been able to step into that scary Kindergarten classroom, the beginning of my wonderful education.

My six older siblings essentially created the exciting life I lead today. Since Dad was gone most of the time, they were my "father" and showed me all of the fun things there are to do in this world. They learned the skills from Dad and passed his knowledge down unto me. I learned soccer from my oldest brother. Hula and music from my oldest sister. Math, numbers, and building - with Lego's - from my second oldest brother. Gymnastics and the ability to read from big brother number three. Dad is a very talented man and served our country to his greatest capacity. His legs, though, finally gave...