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Given the advances in technology and the availability of information, less and less has to be left to chance when traveling or finding specifics about another city or country. The World Factbook is a part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) website that provides country specific information ranging from climate to governing bodies (Central Intelligence Agency, 2006), and information can also be obtained through local and national news broadcasts, newspapers, and other internet resources. For most of the general websites, there are no registration, username, or password requirements, which makes access uncomplicated. Essentially, there is no reason any person traveling cannot be prepared for the particularities of the city or country to which he or she is traveling. Considering the accessibility of free and available resources and the resources of the military, is it perplexing that the United States (US) military forces were sent into Iraq so ill-prepared that the families of soldiers in Iraq found it necessary to supplement gear in order to save the lives of their loved ones (Banerjee & Kifner, 2004).

Through the research process, initiatives are developed and areas improved to counter inadequacies and to determine plausible solutions or alternatives.


Depending on the source referenced, it is expected that over one trillion United States Dollars (USD) will be expended in the war against Iraq (Wolk, 2006). In 2002, as tensions increased between Iraq and the United States (Brunner, n.d.), U.S. soldiers were initially deployed with the protective equipment and gear that was available with very little effort or forethought given to altering or providing new equipment in expectation of the climate or hostile forces. Simply put, our soldiers were not appropriately equipped for deployment to or combat with Iraq, and the government was aware of it. In 2004, Lt. Gen. C. V. Christianson, the...