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Got Milk? It does your body good, right?Well according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 1994 the average American drank and ate 586 pounds of milk and dairy products. That's nearly forty percent of the daily intake of food!The average American, rather than following health guidelines of having a medium to small amount of dairy, has dairy as the base of their diet. Milk and dairy is the chief ingredient in the Standard American Diet. You all want to be healthy, right?All of you know me as Raj McVay, what you may or may not know is, I don't drink milk or eat dairy products. I've researched this topic extensively; I've read many studies published in major health journals, and many articles by medical doctors. I've looked at both sides to this argument and have come to a logical conclusion.

I want to show you that the dairy industry is misleading in their advertising campaigns.

Rather than drinking milk or eating dairy products; we should use alternatives to dairy.

First, I want to tell you about the dairy industry's claims, second, why they are misleading, and third, I'll show you some alternatives to dairy.

Let's start with my first point: the dairy industry makes many unsupported, misleading claims.

You've all probably seen the commercials, the ads in magazines, and the ads in newspapers. The "Got Milk" and other dairy industry campaigns have certainly gotten the message across. As marketers they are geniuses.

In these marketing campaigns the dairy industry claims that drinking milk helps us to lose weight, they claim milk helps to prevent osteoporosis, and they even claim that California cows are happy. However, these claims are poorly supported and some might even say bogus.

The dairy industry pays huge numbers of dietitians, doctors, and researchers to push...