Millenials: Glorified

Essay by sardiddle April 2006

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"We like to let people in on a little secret. These kids are less likely to take drugs, less likely to assault somebody else, less likely to get pregnant and more likely to believe in God."

- Vincent Schiraldi,

Justice Policy Institute (Howe &a Strauss, 2000)

I strongly disagree with this quote for many reasons. This book seems to glorify the Millenials (Howe & Strauss, 2000). I feel that to say that one generation is better than the last is absurd. There are people who do bad and people who do good from every generation. I think that all of these things are just a part of growing up that every generation experiences. All of the generations have made contributions to society. I am part of the Millenial Generation and I can tell you that, based on personal experiences, none of the above quote is true. First of all, I am one of the only Millenials that I know who doesn't take drugs, though I use to.

Sadly, I find it hard to relate to my generation because it seems that many of their lives revolve around drugs. Maybe I think this because I grew out of it at a young age. I remember many times when I was in high school and people would actually argue over who smoked more marijuana.

I believe that the Millenials are neither more nor less likely to commit assault than any of the other generations. I see just as much violence between adults as I do kids.

Unfortunately, I do believe that the Millenials are more likely to get pregnant as teenagers than the other generations. Every girl that I was friends with in high school except for two got pregnant before they turned eighteen. The other two became strippers. I think that this is because of many things. First of all, more children are growing up with out fathers. These girls are starved for male attention and feel that the only way they can get it is through sex. Then, they end up getting pregnant either because they are naive or because they are looking to hold on to a man by having their baby. My cousin, for example, has had three abortions in the past year. She fulfilled her need for male attention by having sex with them. Though I don't think that there is anything wrong with having sex, I do think that you need to be responsible about it.

I completely disagree that the Millenials are more likely to believe in God. I know Atheists from every generation. The context in which Vincent Schiraldi states that we are more likely to believe in God makes it sound like you're a bad person if you don't. I don't think that believing or not believing in God has anything to do with whether or not you are a good person or a superior generation.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with Vincent Schiraldi. I believe that the Millenials are just as likely to take drugs, commit assault and believe in God as any other generation. I do, however, think that Millenials are more likely to get pregnant at a young age than the other generations. It's not fair to say that one generation is better that the last when we have made contributions to society.