The Mind

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The Mind

What is the mind? The brain is our data base with in our body and our mind is who we are. The brains function is to send signals through out our body. It tells us when things are cold or hot, when things hurt us or when things bring us pleasure. The mind on the other hand is where our thoughts and feelings are stored. It is where we keep all of our memories and where we process our emotions. Basically the mind is where the heart is. We as humans are much more complex than robots. We are not simply programmable objects. Technically robots have simulated brains that are the data base in which all their functions are stored. The mind is the only thing that separates humans from programmable objects.

Humans live in two different parallels. The first one is what happens in our bodies and the second is what happens in our mind.

The brain is the center in which sends and receives signals. When we touch something hot we flinch and we breathe without having to remember to breathe because that is the function of the brain. The body would be useless without the brain just as life would not be meaningful with out the mind. We are all connected in the sense our brain and its connection with the body is the same for every one. The difference between everyone is our minds.

Everybody has their own thoughts and point of views. The mind is a very personal thing. It is where every emotion and every memory is stored. It is who you are and it is your very purpose and being. Humans are much more than emotionless machines. We are more than just a body full of signals and messages;...