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Shawn Bradford

September 07, 2014

Integrative assignment 1

Neuro Plastic Brains

From the time we are born our brain is constantly changing do to the information that it computes. However, as a baby our brain is still growing and developing which makes it even more important that we protect and strengthen our brain during this period. The experiences we have and the things we learn are vital to the flexibility of the brain. Flexibility of the brain can be defined as the mental ability to switch between different task and concepts simultaneously. For example, if someone went to a science museum they had never been to, it may seem as if one is just learning knew facts. But at a deeper level not only are you gaining intellectual information and data in addition one is possibly even receiving new visual, auditory, olfactory information that alter the brain. This alteration is mental as well as physical due to neuroplasticity.

(Belsky, 2013, p.35)

In the YouTube video of Holly she is shown as being born with a cataract on her right eye. The cataract is surgically removed and an eye patch is applied over her left eye. The patch is placed over the strong eye so she is forced to use the weaker eye, or otherwise her brain (optical lobe) would tell her to use her strong eye, which would result in a use it or lose it effect for Holly. This is because the brain would never learn to use the right eye. As like with many other functions and skills if you don't simulate it that ability will continually diminish until it is no longer accessible.

This case study is indeed applicable to my life because I am a college student that is always learning new information and creating new...