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Case Study


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Founded in 1999, MindTree is a global information technology (IT) and research and development (R&D) Services Company with corporate headquarters in India and the U.S. (MindTree 2014). Upon establishment into the Indian IT industry, MindTree has been providing IT support in areas such as testing, digital transformation, data analytics and infrastructure management, as well as various R&D services, including Bluetooth and Cloud enablement (MindTree, 2014). MindTree is also widely known for its innovation-driven and knowledge-intensive practices, thus placing a high emphasis on knowledge management within the company (MindTree, 2014).

In 2010, MindTree initiated the "5*50" initiative as part of its key strategy to achieving a revenue target of $1 billion by the year 2014 (MindTree 2014). In planning to achieve long-term sustainability however, MindTree will be confronted with a set of issues and challenges that will require the implementation of effective management strategies.

This analysis will thus identify MindTree's key issues that are associated with its lack of linkages between its KM initiatives and core business areas and the setting of far-fetched financial goals, as well as the company's future challenges with the cultural conflict between its Indian and U.S. branches. Accordingly, recommendations to overcome these issues and challenges will be suggested, and risks and barriers associated with the implementation of these recommendations will be outlined.



Knowledge management initiatives don't necessarily contribute to core business activities such as sales or customer acquisition. Many employees may feel like the 'reflection' sessions are a waste of valuable time during the working day. However knowledge management forms the foundation of many learning organizations and thus has many intangible...