The Ming Dynasty

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Ming DynastyThere have been many great, successful, and powerful dynasties in history. But one that stands out is the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty was one of the largest and most powerful dynasties of all time. The Ming Dynasty was the main dynasty in China from 1368 until 1644. The Ming Dynasty ruled over what was known at that time as the Empire of the Great Ming, or China. The Ming Dynasty stood proud for many years. It finally met its match in 1644, when the Capital of the Ming dynasty, Beijing, fell to the Qing Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty was responsible for advances in many fields of its time (Ming Dynasty). The Ming Dynasty was arguably one of the most well rounded Dynasties ever.

The Dynasty prior to the Ming Dynasty was called the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty had many enemies. There were constantly people trying to overthrow them.

It wasnt until 1368 when numerous amounts of Han Chinese groups led a successful revolt against the Yuan. The main group of people to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty was led by Zhu Yuanzhang. They were helped by a secret group of people known as the Summer Palace people. Once the Yuan was overthrown the Ming Dynasty was established in Nanjing in 1368. The leader of the rebellion Zhu Yuanzhang was in charge of the Dynasty. He changed his name to Hongwu when he became ruler. Hongwu would accomplish a lot in the coming years to help start the Dynasty off on the right foot (Ming Dynasty).

Hongwu kept a very strict and discipline military. He established what is known as aWei-so military system. Under this particular type of military system kept up a very strong army, but at the same time minimized close bonds between...