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For several months now, one of your colleagues has been slacking off, and you are getting stuck doing the work. You think it is unfair. What do you do?

Yes it is unfair. I will confront my colleagues and tell him/her that he should be responsible enough and if he still continues what he was doing I will report him to the management.

You are aware that a fellow employee uses drugs on the job. Another friend encourages you to confront the person instead of informing the supervisor. What do you do?

First I will tell my fellow employee about the negative benefits of the drugs and if I can convince him to stop using it then I'll help him to recover from his addiction; probably convince him to undergo in the rehabilitation. If he still refuse to take my advice then I assume I've had done my part on convincing him and I'll inform the supervisor about his situation.

You work for the company that has implemented a policy of a smoke-free environment. You discover employees smoking in the restrooms of the building. You also smoke and do not like to having to go outside to do it. What do you do?

I myself should set an example to my co-employees. First I will show them that I will smoke in the smoking area and perform the CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) then after it I'll start to convince them to do the same. If I can't discipline myself I can't also convince them.

Your co-worker is copying company purchased software and taking it home. You know a certain program costs P20,000 and you have been saving for a while to buy it. What do you do?

I'll tell him the consequences if he would got caught...