Minorities: Differences of the Past and Present

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There is a huge difference in the treatment and problems for blacks and other minorities now than during the first 130 years of our nations history. Affirmative action seems to have gone too far because it seems to be favoring the minorities now so it is kinda like reverse racism. Before blacks and other minorities were the last people to be considered for jobs and for college, now if a minority and a white male with the same intelligence are trying to attend a college the minority will probably get the spot.

During our nations early years blacks were kidnapped for slavery and they didn't have any rights, families were broken up, and discipline was very severe. For example, punishments included lynching, cutting hands and feet off, and even burning them alive for doing something wrong. Opinions started to change about slavery in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I think that if we didn't need them in the south to help with farms they probably would have gotten their freedom a lot earlier.

It helped the blacks become treated a little better after the 54th regiment were allowed to fight. It showed the whites that they would fight and die for their country. At the end of the civil war a few amendments were passed. The 13th amendment was passed and that ended slavery, the 14th amendment gave them citizenship, and the 15th gave the blacks the right to vote.

Proof that times are changing was demonstrated when Essie May Washington-Williams spoke out to the press about her father. She told everyone that he was her father after he died because she didn't want to damage his reputation. Her father was a white segregationist but she was a black girl. Her mother was a black maid that worked for...