Minorities in India

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Human rights are violated everyday. These rights are taken away by people who are jealous, greedy or racist. Minorities are ethnic people who have not changed with time hugely. So they end up being poor and continue to live in the old ways, using old things. In India the minorities are mistreated and their rights are taken away because they are poor, as they have not changed and they are in low level professions.

Organizations like the AIACHE (All India Association for Christian Higher Education) and the CRY (Child Relief and You) want to put children in good quality schools. They want the children to get educated and then use this knowledge to come back to their home towns and help the poor and the needy and also to help their town to grow.

A long time ago, from 1945 to 1947, when the British left India, there was difficulty about finding a leader for the country.

The minorities stayed in their small villages called "Gaon". They did not change with time as the government was too busy and did not pay enough attention to the needs of these people. As the minorities were poor, they did not have access to information through radio, television and other media. They were unaware of the constitution. Some organization started giving education to some minority groups and tried to make group by group smarter. In many places the minorities did not understand what they were trying to teach. So, the teachers teaching the minorities had to start from scratch. Sometimes there was a 10 year old in first grade. To make teaching easier they put children in school. That made it easier because the children would then come back smarter than everyone else in their "Gaon" and, could then teach their group. Now organization have adopted this same way and are helping the minorities catch up with the real world.

AIACHE and CRY are taking children from the minority groups and putting them into good quality schools, so that when they grow up they can help them change by helping a person from their family. To help these organizations the population is donating lots of money to the organization. Donations boxes are situated in shops to encourage the population to donate for CRY, AIACH. But then the outcomes become both good and bad. It is good because the minorities are getting access to higher education. It is bad because they do not have a solid foundation academically, nor do they have a family background that can support them to pursue higher education. So if you go to see a doctor, who got medical education not because he is intelligent but only because he got admission based on being a minority, then one is putting ones life at risk.

What the organizations are doing is great but along with good education they also need to pay attention to try to improve the overall quality of life for these people, good nutrition, solid background, coaching etc. in their young age, as that lays the foundation for the person. If helped and encouraged in the right way, the minorities can become important and their rights will be returned to them.

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