The Miracle In My Life

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The Miracle in my life There where clear blue skies and the sun had just stopped shining brightly as it prepared to go down as the evening grew closer. I had been skiing and was enjoying myself. As I had found out later though, I had received much more then I had bargained for. At the time I was just relaxing and having a ordinary time. I was skiing by myself when it started to get dark out and that's when it all happened. I was skiing a routine run and minding my own business when a out of control snowboarder came crashing into me. I had lost both my skis and was tumbling down the mountain and I couldn't stop. Then finally I had stopped rolling down the mountain, but to my surprise I had learnt that the only reason I had stopped was because my ski boot was stuck in a pipe.

( during the summer when the snow had melted it had turned into a water park) I couldn't free my trapped leg of the pipe. I grew weary, as nightfall was almost here my instincts told me to head for shelter and spend the night on the mountain. Then I had realized that my leg was still caught in that pipe! Nightfall came shortly after. I thought to myself what if I wasn't found? what will I do? I was thinking a million thoughts per second, what if, how bout , but why... and that's when it hit me. I had encountered a near death experience and if on that day I hadn't made it out of there alive who would of even cared? I had then realized on that day who and what actually mattered to me. Anyway back to the story. Well...