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Frank Ryan Coplan Ms. Wills ENC 1101 23 November 2001 "Mirror" "“A Deeper Look In the poem, "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath, the poet describes a vision that gives everyone a truthful look upon what they really are through the eyes of a "mirror". The speaker tells a tale of one who looks into a constant mirror that gives the exact view of what is hidden from behind eye's view. We do not see ourselves as others do. Some people try to falsify or lie to themselves about what the see because they are not happy with what they are or have become. They are ashamed of what they are. The mirror will always be there to set apart the lies from the truth and show what is really there. The poem tells a story from the point of view that a mirror would see. A mirror forever holds a truthful image no matter who views the consistency it conveys.

My emotional reaction to the poem "mirror" was an instant connection. There was a reflection of the soul between the poet, Plath, and myself. Everyone spends time in front of the mirror, or often, allowing our mind to drift to another place and time. I spend a lot of time in front of any mirror that I can get in front of. A mirror is a friend to some, and not to others. We do not always see ourselves as others perceive us, whether this be positive or negative. Mostly being towards the negative aspect. What we see does not always please us, but when I take the quick glance , more often than not I am satisfied. Everyone has a different view of the image the mirror projects to them. As the mirror reflects the...