La Misma Luna(Under the Same Moon)

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Directed by Patricia Riggen, La Misma Luna, or Under the Same Moon is a Spanish film about the story of a boy who crosses the Mexican border to find his mother. La Misma Luna is rated PG-13 and was produced by Ligiah Villalobos and Gerrardo Barrera. The film was produced in Mexico and was just recently released. The film centers around a young boy named Carlitos and his mother Rosario. In hopes of finding a better life for her son, Rosario has been working illegally in the United States, while her mother stays back in Mexico to care for Carlitos. Carlitos has been wanting to see his mother for a long time, and when his grandmother unexpectedly dies, Carlitos can no longer wait. Carlitos decides to go on an incredible journey to cross the border alone to find his mother in America, where she has been working to obtain American citizenship.

However Carlitos's journey is all but easy. He faces several challenging obstacles on the way and a scary instance at the border where he is almost caught. First Carlitos is smuggled in an SUV and hidden in the trunk where a couple attempt to take him across the border. However, he is nearly caught by the border patrol who search the car. Luckily, Carlitos makes it across the border but his troubles don't get any better. He soon finds himself deserted when the lady finds her car taken after crossing the border. At a bus stop in Texas he nearly gets sold into child slavery, but he is rescued by a good woman who takes care of illegals. Before long, Carlitos almost gets busted again, this time picking tomatoes with a group of illegal, on their way to California, but luckily he is rescued again by an immigrant...