The Misrepresentation of Youth Affairs by the Media

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Youth affairs are of major concern in Victorian society, to ensure that our kids are well equipped to become tomorrow's leaders. This should come as no surprise, for suicide is the second highest killer of youths in Australia. However, time and time again, we see the media portray adolescents in the most antagonistic way possible. Television and radio paint generalized, atrocious and completely unrealistic pictures of today's youth, which can only invoke disgust in viewers. On the other hand, magazines continue to manipulate the young and naïve portion of our society; solely for the purpose of economic benefits. Considering the exposure all parts of society have to media, such a media spin on youths in society can only damage youth beliefs and values, whilst wounding society's perception of our kids.

It seems that today's media has one goal; to attack the youths of society in any way possible. Too often, we view inflated stories in newspapers and television news regarding binge-drinking and sex-hungry adolescents who are addicted to drugs - particularly after the Xavier College's bout in the limelight.

Obviously, there is more to adolescent life than sex and alcohol; however these are the only aspects of youth life, television, specifically the news on TV, ever seems to display. Moreover, these aspects are depicted to a great deal of inaccuracy. One of the many examples of this is Today Tonight's reliable opinion that "three out of four school students are drug-dealers." How can such a crude and totally ridiculous statement be allowed to air on national television in the first place? I am yet to view a news bulletin outlining the constructive contributions today's youths make to society, instead of reporting of a teenager's violent behaviour on public transport.

Considering that news on television is aimed at a...