Miss Liberty

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In New York is where she lives, a gift from the French to the Americans. She represents peace, liberty and an escape from oppression. Originally she was born on Bedloe's Island on October 28, 1886. Now it is the pronounced Liberty Island. This is where Miss Liberty stands, well erected in the mouth of a very wide and a very deep Hudson River, which leads to the New York Harbor. All throughout the day she is welcoming outsiders to the "promised land" as she always faces the ocean. Here is where she sleeps at night, abreast the old customs ports where thousands of dirty, hungry, and poor immigrants fresh off the boat would pass through looking for a better life.

The height of this beautiful, gigantic, historical landmark from the ground to the tip of the flame of the torch is 305 feet. This height includes the pedestal and the foundation.

The actual elevation of the statue itself, from the top of the base to the tip of the famous, fiery, flame is 151 feet. The entire weight of the monument is 24,704 tons. The pedestal itself has a vast mass of 24,500 tons. In comparison, the Statue alone only has a tiny mass of 204 tons. (http://www.nps.gov/stli/historyculture/index.htm)The most acknowledged aspect of Lady Liberty is her torch. It is in her right hand, held, and hoisted high up into the New York skyline. In her other hand, a tablet that represents a "Book of Laws" for the new country. On the "Book of Laws" is the inscription "JULY IV MDCCLXXVI" which is commonly overlooked. Encoded it stands for the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the new country, July 4, 1776.

Our Lady Liberty also carries a crown on her head. On it there are 25 windows...