"Miss Maddie Mae" is is a character sketch about 2 best friends who have been distanced.. but are finally brought back together

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“Goooooood morning Omaha! It is 6:30 am and the high today is 101 degrees. That’s right, it is going to be another hot one, make sure to make it down to Linoma Beach today, we’ll be down there giving out some cool prizes and its your chance to win…”I roll over on my side to hit the snooze button and I wipe my forehead with a wet cloth to cool down. I lay in bed for just a few more minutes starring up at my ceiling as I notice an annoying tick coming from my fan, which by the way, is on so high it looks like it is going to plummet from my ceiling at any given moment.

“What’s today? Something important is supposed to happen today,” I think to myself,“SHOOT! It’s Thursday,” I yell out stridently and I quickly jump out of bed to my feet and sprint to the shower trying not to trip over practically 18 pairs of shoes and so much clothes it would last me the rest of the summer without having to wear the same wardrobe twice.

“What are you in such a big hurry for?” my mom asks me as I cut her off, shut the door, and hop in the shower.

“It’s Thursday,” I yell back through the walls and over the noise of the shower.

“And….”“Ma, how could you forget? Maddie’s plane comes in at 8:00, I’m supposed to pick her up!”“Well, you better get a move on then Lauren, It’s 6:45!”I finally get out of my house by about 7:00 and I anxiously drive to the airport, praying I wont be late. I haven’t seen Maddie since last summer when she moved to LA to live with her dad for a while. Maddie has been my best friend...