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This quality problem has been resident in the Missile Defense Agency's International Support and Joint National Integration Center, JNIC for several years. The problem has been address at several visits to the JNIC by the international staff and by their staff; however no clear resolutions ever came from these meetings. Our relationships are bringing to show serious signs of frustration and an inability to work these issues out, without a major improvement process. It is clear that this communication problem is affecting the quality of our products and services and need to be address at the top levels of command. This paper will demonstrate how MDA and the JNIC will implement a quality improvement process within both organizations to reach our common goal.

Implementation Plan

The implementation plan that will be incorporated into MDA and the JNIC will involve six phases:

· Clear understanding of the process problem

· Ensure manager are committed to the quality improvement process

· Train all levels of employees

· Employee's commitment to change

· Break down communication barriers and improve procedures

· Develop controls and monitoring system

The first step in the implementations has already taken place, and that is to identify that there is a problem.

The key to identifying that there is a problem is to ensure that all the right people are present that have the ability to change the problem from the top. These managers need to be embrace this change and become the inspiration or driving force for the change. After the meeting it is important to get buy in from the rest of the employees on possible solutions for the problem. Collectively managers and selected staff members need to develop a training plan to train employees on this solution. It is important to train all levels...