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Catherine MacPhail's "Missing," is a Mysterious and thrilling novel. The plot involves a young boy going missing and after a while the mother and father have to go and identify the body of their missing son. They then confirm it's him but the real truth is it was not their son's body it was a boy who their son swapped clothes with that has been killed. The three main characters in this story are Derek (the missing son), Maxine (The missing boy's sister) and Cam (Maxine's friend).

Derek Maxine's brother goes missing. This is due to his mum getting on his back and nagging him all the time, also due to the school bully Sweeney getting on his back all the time. Soon later Maxine's mother and father get the phone call they have been dreading. It is a phone call from the police to say they have found what they think maybe the body of their son Derek.

Maxine's mother and father go down to the police and identify what they are sure is the remainders of Derek's body as they had identified the clothes that he had been wearing the same day that he had went missing.