"The Missing Part".

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The Missing Part

Long, long, long ago, on Mt. Olympus, where the Gods and Goddesses live, it wasn't a very pleasant place. It was dull, gloomy, pale, and sad, peoples' faces never had a smile on. No one cared for each other. Alpan, a young soon-to-be goddess at the time, one day asked her mother "What is missing in our world? Why is everyone dull and sad?" Her mother did not yet know the answer to this, so she replied in an innocent tone "No one knows. People have been studying that for years and years before my time, thus no one concluded why. All we know is that the God or Goddess, who finds it, will always be remembered for that."

Alpan was talking to her friends one day, about what her mother had said. Amor, her so called enemy, another soon-to-be God, was walking by her and over heard her conversation.

Amor walked up to Alpan, looked at her very disrespectfully, and said "The God will be remembered forever, eh?" "Yes.................." Alpan said, as if to say something else, but forgot to. Amor ran away with anger and defeat in his mind. Will he be able to solve what is missing? But how? Just then he had a thought he was sure nobody would think of. At least not yet.

Alpan was sitting in front of her house on a mini cloud, studying her ancient gods and goddesses. Amor approached Alpan, Alpan thinking something wrong must have happened {"Why would Amor go to her house?"}, stood up and said "What happened?", without looking at him. "Nothing," replied Amor, "Nothing at all, except me. I bet you that I will figure out what is missing before you will." Alpan looked at him and said in...