Mission and Objectives Paper

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Mission and Objectives Paper

Robi James, James Knudsen, Tonya Standerfer, Michael Vacarro, Jolene Williams

University of Phoenix



Mission and Objectives Paper

Prior to entering a foreign market, an organization must carefully analyze primary and secondary research that includes demographic and psychographic information on the country. In addition, data on the marketing environment including cultural, political, and economic influences are critical information so that an organization can create a marketing strategy for their product. Power-Mass is ready to introduce their product to the Japanese market and position the product to capture an emerging market for alternate fuel cell technology. The following mission of Power-Mass and the organizational objectives for the marketing plan provide data used in the strategy that our company will be using to enter the Japanese market.


Power-Mass is a company specializing in the production of methanol (methyl alcohol) fuel cartridges for the emerging hydrogen micro-fuel cell market.

Our CP-500 fuel cell cartridge is for use in cell phones and the CL-40 cartridge is for use in laptop computers. These two fuel cells are capable of lasting for 30 hours of run time at a lower cost than a nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion battery. Power-Mass is poised to move from the U.S. market into the Japanese market and tap into the growing technologically advancing society to provide the consumer with a product that is safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Emerging trends in Japan makes this a market ripe for this product line.


Power-Mass will capitalize on the readiness of the Japanese consumer to embrace the micro-fuel cell as part of this county's adoption of fuel cell technology to power homes. The introduction of our product will coincide with the government's fuel cell initiatives. Our company will...