Mission and vision of Naomi comestics.

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1. Introduction

Naomi Cosmetics owns 25 retail stores, total numbers of employees of it were 764.

Our company mainly is selling a full series of different types of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, healthcare and hair care products including private labels and other exclusive international brands. Also, we have about 760 employees.

However, the number of customers was declined. Naomi Cosmetics believes the worst time was passed, and we are back on the fast growing track again that we should improved product quality and services to increase the sales and profitability of stores


Create publicity of image

So as to induce more customers to visit our retail outlets, our Group has decided to increase our advertising budget in Hong Kong and China, to create more publicity and enhance our image.

Build a stronger exclusive brand portfolio

Nowadays, no matter women or men also care of their looks. Many new products had entered into the market.

To bring greater and better choice for our customers to satisfy their needs, our Group will continue to enhance product category management and add more quality and trendy brands. These will boost product sales and enhance gross profit in future. Also, we will develop new and exclusive product lines.

Attract more tourist customers

Under individual travel schemes, Hong Kong companies in retail industries can be greatly benefited from there. Cosmetics have been the key item on the shopping list of mainland shoppers. Ongoing Government efforts will focus in tourism, Hong Kong is experiencing significant growth in tourist arrivals from other countries. Naomi Cosmetics cannot lose the chance to earn profit. Therefore, our group may have some special offer for travelers.

Build a high level customer service and satisfaction

Customer service is an important element in a company that affecting the image of our company directly. By...