Mission: Spaceship Earth vs. Moon

Essay by BIGTOEMASO February 2004

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Have any of you even questioned why do we want to send another man to the Moon? Or why do we want to set up a colony up there? I've questioned it, and I fail to see the point. You mean to tell me that after 30 years of not going there, all of a sudden our government want to go there again. I my opinion we, with the aid of the government, have destroyed quite a bunch already here. We have extinct species, polluted, raped the land. I mean, where is the line drawn?

I read an article that went something along the lines that China and Japan are involved in a space program too, and we wouldn't want to think that one day they have a colony on the Moon before us. Talk about your nationalism propaganda... Why does it have to be a matter of national pride? WE, the human race, have achieved all the advances there are in our society.

Look at what WE have learned about our Spaceship Earth in the last 100 years. WE all live on the same planet, and therefore WE have achieved this. What else have we achieved, or what else can we achieve? Well, first off, can you imagine a structure, here on earth, that floats? Yes, floats!! The home your are in right now, or the office you are in, all are connected to the Earth. Gravity is holding you down. However, it have been calculated that utilising the lightest construction materials and constructing a enclosed dome structure approximately 800 meters in diameter, and if the temperature inside this dome is just a mere 1 degree warmer inside than the outside, this structure would float!!! To my knowledge, no such structure has ever been built. Why? I fail to...