Mission Statement Annalysis

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Mission Statement Analysis

Grand Canyon University: PSC-410

23 February, 2014

This paper will compare along with showing a contrast between two organizations with different leadership styles. Management Training Corporation (MTC), a Servant Leadership style and Trump Enterprise's, one that uses an Authoritarian leadership style. I will discuss their similarities between the two and how their statement(s) impact(s) the culture of each organization, the apparentness of the principles, or values they profess, and explain how their expressed statements serve the public, their employees and the services they provide.

MTC and Trump Enterprise are similar in that they maintain a foundation based on integrity and excellence. They are both long-term growth through development and continuous improvement the environment around them, and take great pride in their accomplishments as an organization that thrives by expansion and employable jobs they provide to the communities around them (MTC: Management & Training Corporation, 2014) (The Trump Organization Leadership, 2014).

Where MTC and Trump Enterprise's contrast one-another is that while MTC is a Servant Leadership model, Trump Enterprise has an Authoritarian type. MTC values what all their employees has to say and encourages input from the lowest levels while Trump's only has a select few in which are allowed to input and make decisions. MTC encourages their employees to implement innovative ideas through empowerment and training. Trump Enterprise employees must adhere to the standards set by the select top executives which are the Trump family which keeps them a self-proclaimed best in class with their white glove attention to detail service. Both business organizations are successful in their areas and both employ a lot people on its payroll but differ greatly on what, and who, are allowed to have input on what can be done, or...